Forest Bathing Walk – Sat 29 Sep 2018

Join the HMWT and us for forest bathing at Danemead Nature Reserve.

Forest Bathing Day – Sat 8 Sep 2018

Come and join us on International Forest Bathing Day.

Babes in the woods

Two days in to training as an Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) Guide and it already feels like I have been here a month.

They say it’s all about the journey

Life is a journey, right? But sometimes there are specific ‘mini breaks’ that stand out - and one of those has just begun. 

Off she goes to the forest…to bathe?

Yes, you read it right. I’m taking myself off, to delve deep into the forest to learn more about the wonders and science of connecting with nature.

Video: Real life positive transition – Danish Delivery

Introduction to my personal ongoing life transition, titled the Danish Delivery. I am sharing this transition in an experiential manner and using it to describe and share insights, reflections, learning and tools which may help with your own personal transitions.

Adapting to our own uniqueness

With the new year upon us I feel a surge of energy, as though many of us are at a similar point, this being the cross roads and wanting to step into the unknown land beyond.  So how will we adapt to this new feeling, these new changes?  What will prevent the retreat?

Successfully Navigating the Scene Changes; Danish Delivery

Transition I am learning fast that it is crucial when navigating change, or multiple scene changes, to be soft and gentle on yourself throughout. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or little, intermittent or fixed, long or short-term change.

Supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week 9-15th Oct 2017

Many of you already know the topic of baby loss is one very close to my heart.  This week provides a platform for many families in the UK and around

Awareness of the in-betweeners; insights following a struggle to pregnancy.

Having shared a bit of my struggle to motherhood story a few months ago, I am clear that it was the right thing to do, not only for myself but more than that, for the response I received from other people.

Design Web Creation; Danish Delivery, A Real Time Transition

The summer has arrived, the wind and earth is warm, the seeds have matured and are yielding fruit, so now it is my time to do the same. In dealing

Video: Holistic approach to transition – Danish Delivery

A brief introduction into how I intend to embrace my next life transition, using the design web model, core routines, visualisation, pattern disruption, action planning and more.

A brief introduction into Permaculture and the Design Web; Danish delivery

In my previous Danish Delivery blogs, I have touched on the Design Web framework, created by permaculture expert, Looby Macnamara, which has been invaluable in helping to guide us through our

Holistic Approach to Transition; Danish Delivery

There are many ways you can ‘deal’ with transition or change. You can simply let it happen by letting it happen to you. Or you can be your change by stepping up, increasing self-awareness, being brave and taking a holistic approach.

Self-Awareness and Limits Are Your Answer!

Do you get hooked in? Picture the scene, you bump into a friend and they immediately begin off-loading on you about how very busy they are, with work, kids, family

Making some sense of a fraught transition to motherhood

It took 10 years, eight pregnancies and six miscarriages to become a mother of two.  Eight years on from the birth of my first child, it’s only now that am

Fear of failure big or small, it matters to you!

My fear and apprehension was real to me.  I had disturbed sleep for a few days prior, I wasn’t being fully present with my family, they were starting to get

Do Your New Year Resolutions Have Roots?

So the New Year is nearly here, the festive season is in full swing and in my case winter is upon us, giving us every available excuse to eat a

Intro to Danish Delivery – a realtime relocation transition

As a transition life coach, I partner people through positive change by creating a safe environment where they can increase their own personal awareness, explore, create and plan out their