Vision Board – immersive day retreat

Join us for a unique natural experience creating your own unique and bespoke vision board. Often held in a beautiful woodland environment with a natural studio and yurt. Using the power of nature and elements we will spend a day clearing out the old, resetting, grounding and creating the new. We will draw on nature to hold and inspire us, you will feel cleared, grounded, empowered and purposeful. You will have clarity and know what your next steps are.


We will post events on our website and social media platforms.


Our next event is planned for 21st Jan 2019:

Beat the blues, create your news – read more here and sign up before 31st Dec for the early bird tickets.


We are also planning to host a number of collaborative events and retreats. If you would like to be informed about these opportunities then please join our mailing list for news.


Natural Connection Retreats

A beautiful retreat where you leave the routine of the everyday and dive into the wonders of nature.


Creating time and space to connect with your natural self.
This is an opportunity for opening and growth, to connect with your heart and passion, gain knowledge, wisdom and insight. You will create new direction, purpose and friendships, using all senses, seasons and elements to re-ignite your life force. You will leave feeling revived, empowered and ready. Ready for the next decision, the next action, knowing the choice is all yours.


You will experience:


• A sense of calm and reconnection to self.

• Forest therapy / Nature therapy sessions

• Techniques to listen to, and act on, your inner knowing

• Connection to a group, where you are heard and supported.


……..and much more


If you would like to find out more about these exclusive retreats, please contact me.