We are always dreaming up new ideas and would welcome your input, for now we have the following on offer with many more to follow;

Family Fun
Everyone loves a good walk in the countryside, but this is not a hike. Through forest therapy, your family will be invited to experience the forest in a new way, with new eyes, ears and heart. You will connect with the forest and each other like you have never done before; you will slow down and feel the therapeutic energy of the forest. It’s fun and creative, you will get back in touch with your inner child and it can be adapted to most families (usually kids 4 yrs+).
Romantic Wander
Connect with your partner in a way you have not done before. Let us guide you on a forest walk together where you will awaken your senses and reconnect with the natural surroundings and each other, ending with a beautiful tea ceremony in the woods.
Girls weekend
Indulge in the sanctuary of the forest and reconnect with your tribe. Take your bonds to another level and experience a forest therapy walk together. This experience allows you to step away from the stresses of your busy lives and enjoy this time to pause, listen and explore, bringing you closer to yourself, the forest and each other.

Bespoke packages:

We love creating bespoke forest therapy packages that give you the chance to experience the benefits of the forest in new ways. Just get in touch and we can explore some ideas!



If you would like to discuss any of the above packages, please contact us.



Further Resources:


If you are like me and need to research a bit more then take a look at some of these books:


The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative, Florence Williams

The Art and Science of Forest-Bathing SHINRIN-YOKU, How Trees Help you Find Health and Happiness, Dr Qing Li.

Your Guide to Forest Bathing, Experience the Healing Power of Nature, M. Amos Clifford

The Hidden Life of Trees, Richard Louv

ANFT website has many further resources and references – take a peek here