We are nature. To love ourselves, first we must let nature in.


The inspiration of nature

When a seed drifts in the wind, there is no predicting when and where it will land. As it floats to the ground, its tiny shell is caught by the earth and the vegetation around it, sheltering from the full power of the elements until conditions are just right.

With the warmth of the sun, the quenching of the rain and the nourishment of the earth, the seed can begin to first crack open. In doing so revealing its most vulnerable interior, it is here that everything changes, and growth begins. Gradually revealing its true identity and beauty for all to see.

Nature has much to teach us about our own lives. When our environment isn’t serving us, we feel small, disconnected and hidden. But even in the harshest of winters, the essence of our being is waiting to unfold. By letting in the elements that will revive, energise and nurture us, we begin to open the possibilities for a bright and blossoming future.


What to expect

My coaching style is compassionate, honest, intuitive and at times direct.   I am focussed on bringing out the wholeness of you, whatever situation you are currently in. Although we may initially focus on working through a particular challenge or opportunity, my aim is to equip you with the tools to manage and embrace change throughout your life going forward.

Coaching is a positive forward looking process, each session is driven by your needs at that time.  We work together visualising, planning, creating and taking action.  You are at the forefront of every session.  You will be listened to and not judged.

Coaching sessions are designed around you. We can work in a number of ways, including Walk & Talk sessions out in nature, cosy coffee shops, in your office, or via Skype – wherever you feel most comfortable and able to focus. Below is a selection of services, but please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.


To get the most from coaching, it works best in blocks of sessions, which are staggered over a period of weeks or months. By investing in yourself, we can explore together what you want but have never had the freedom or opportunity to embrace, or perhaps the courage to say out loud.


The areas I coach in?

I tend to attract people who are in or about to be in a period of transition; whether this be a small adjustment, a shift from their ‘normal’ or a giant leap into the unknown.


Examples of change could include:

  • Relocation in the UK or Internationally
  • New job or position or career change
  • Step up in leadership / management
  • New role in life e.g. parenthood, marriage, divorce etc.
  • Shift in usual routine which is causing stress e.g. kids leaving for school/Uni.
  • Significant event which is triggering negative behaviour.


However, I am not limited by this.  What is important is that you find the right connection with your coach.  If the chemistry is there then you will often find the initial conversation leads to more deeper delayering.

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