I am about to embark on an incredibly exciting journey to become a certified forest therapy guide. I will be bringing these techniques into my coaching approach and look forward to developing exclusive forest experiences, where we will embrace the proven benefits of immersing ourselves in nature.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be stripping naked and running around the forest… but never say never!

Those that know me understand the connection I already have with nature. You will often find me in the woods, by a pond, on the beach, or up a mountain, in complete and utter awe of my surroundings. This affinity with the natural world and its power to transform, underpins my coaching approach. And my incredible clients often brave the elements to embrace my popular walk and talk sessions.

Well, I decided it was time to take this deeper. At the start of this year I sent in my application to The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. I waited, wondering whether I would be granted this incredible gift. And finally, the day came where I received the confirmation that I had a place on the course! Now it is happening, I am heading off to be trained by the global voice on forest bathing and forest therapy.

My mission is about connection – connecting people to themselves and their environment. I believe this is an amazing opportunity to connect all of my passions –  nature, science, permaculture and people.

I am incredibly excited to be embarking on this journey of growth and discovery and I welcome you along with me.

Stay tuned for updates on here, Instagram and FB – I have so many plans for the future and can’t wait to share and collaborate on this.

Sam x