Celebrating our fifth birthday today and sharing five things we have learnt along the way. 

It’s not easy acknowledging your own achievements. I frequently speak to clients about this, knowing how hard it is in practice, but today I celebrate my company turning five!

Yes – for the keen eyed, I registered it on, April fools’ day in 2016 not knowing where it would lead me. Like its owner, the company is both a spontaneous yet considered Aries and we are growing alongside each other in collaboration.

I have learnt so much over the last five years and I have so much still to learn. Every day presents a new challenge but here are five things you might need a little reminder of, if you are just setting out.

  1. Trust your journey – we have so many set beliefs of what we perceive is ‘right’ for us and yet when we are there, in the midst of it, something can still feel incongruent. I had no idea when I set out on my professional career, all those years ago, that I would end up here. It never crossed my mind that I could or indeed would run my own company. I honestly never imagined it, and I am sure if I had I would have thought I couldn’t do it. For many years I was happy letting the ‘company’ take care of me. But life happens around you, it shows you what you are all about, what you are here to do and we each need to listen in.
  1. Begin, begin anywhere – just begin – if you over think the what if’s you never will. This is where being a little bit daring will get you moving and with that movement you gain momentum. Still to this day I procrastinate the living hell out of things, but slowly it gets done. I now start by making the smallest of actions, often this is just a mind dump of my mind mess, onto a page…I call it ‘puke on a page’ it really helps with the ever looming “I can’t!”
  1. Root your values – your values are key, they are your north star, compass home, grounding mechanism, decision maker. Spend time here, root them in, nurture the belief behind them and look to express them in everyday language and behaviour. I have found that it has taken me time, years actually, to be able to realise some of my dreams for the business and my values have kept my focus steady and true.
  1. Be part of something bigger than you – this speaks to belonging to a community and maintaining perspective. Saplings in a wood need the support of the mother tree and its neighbours, in times of strife and prosperity they are part of the collective growth and sustainability. My company and I have grown from each network we have belonged to, they have been imperative for our sanity and connection, it’s been a reciprocal relationship, what you put in you get out. You don’t ever need to feel alone, there is always someone to help you and your business.
  1. Life by design – it takes guts to go it alone, but you have them! Often it takes a while to realise what we are fully capable of. No one else gets to tell us what to feel, think or act. No one else knows us like we know ourselves. We have opportunity to realise our intentions and it often starts with one conversation. This is your life, you know what’s best for you, take your time, it’s always collaboration over competition and celebrate every win, especially, the little ones.

Today calls for a celebratory and reflective walk where I can go and give thanks to nature for eternally inspiring me and to my community ‘wood’ of people who continue to support and urge me forward – I remain forever grateful.

Good luck with your business and one thing is certain it will be an exciting adventure.

With Love,

Sam x

ICF ACC Coach | Certified Forest Therapy Guide | Mental Health First Aider