I recently had the pleasure of writing a blog for Ailuna on how connecting with nature every day for just a few moments at work can lead to unexpected boosts to business. The blog explains why connecting with nature is a key component of our overall wellbeing and introduces five ways employers can support employees to take a few small nature connection moments within the working day.

You can read the blog here to learn more.

Who are Ailuna?

They are a team of green focused individuals who together have created a sustainability training app which makes it fun to develop green habits that are good for you and the planet.

The Ailuna app is neat as it helps and guides you to set effective green goals, and forge new sustainable habits in a community of like-minded people.

It’s true that often we want to make a positive shift in our lifestyles, but we have no idea how, no real extra time to research ways and can feel completely alone in our thoughts on wanting to do this as part of contributing to something bigger than ourselves. The app helps you set personal or indeed team goals and you can dare yourself to complete the challenges. The app offers facts, inspirations and there are various stages so you can keep challenging yourself.

Importantly, it’s free and you can download it from all the usual places.

Make sure you check it out this April and maybe set yourself or your team a challenge to complete by Earth Day April 22!