I’m Sam, an ICF accredited coach (ACC), certified forest therapy guide and mum to two gorgeous boys.

I help you to reconnect with yourself and your environment, partnering with you to become your own leader of a life of wholeness and fulfilment.

We work on the inside – outside, stepping out into nature wherever possible to deepen the impact of our partnership. The wild and infinite presence of nature awakens the senses and offers renewed perspective. It invites greater awareness, openness and clarity. And as you become empowered by your inner desire for change, I support you to navigate your own path towards creating the life you want to lead.

My story.

For twelve years, I had a very successful and rewarding, yet highly stressful, scientific research and development career. During this time, my mental health took a nosedive. I was burnt out and I suffered multiple miscarriages over a number of years. This was followed by three international relocations for my husband’s work – navigating these challenges and opportunities with a very young family. Many times, I felt lost and out of control.

But getting outside in nature kept me grounded, no matter where I was or what I was facing. I had a growing awareness of the powerful impact of the natural surroundings on my physical and mental wellbeing. It gave me space to breathe, to think and to feel. Rather than dampening senses, emotions and desires, I started to notice them and welcome them in. It’s where I discovered a new sense of purpose – helping others to reconnect with themselves in a way that allows them to live life to the full. 

I went on to re-train as a coach. And following rigorous assessments, exams and ‘time on the job’, I achieved and continue to maintain accreditation as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Bringing nature into the way I work with clients is fundamental to my approach, whether it’s as inspiration for working through ideas and feelings, or by physically taking conversations outside in ‘walk and talk’ sessions. Nature welcomes us all, and I hold this value too.  

In 2018 I decided to train with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy to become a certified forest therapy guide – the first in Hertfordshire. This incredible, inclusive and accessible practice has allowed me to deepen my own connection with nature and open more opportunities for clients. I continue on my mission to connect as many people as possible with the reciprocal healing potential of our relationship with the natural world.