Lead your life on purpose. Together we’ll explore where you are and where you want to be, uncovering new possibilities, empowering you to step forward and create the life you want to lead. 

Something is calling you. It’s time to listen.

It might start with a feeling, or a whisper…

Something isn’t quite right. Something’s holding you back. Something feels out of reach.

You know deep down that something needs to change, but where do you start?

That’s where our partnership begins.

We explore those feelings and thoughts. Together, we question, challenge, and dare to imagine the possible. You’ll become clearer about what’s most important to you, on your purpose and values. You’ll design the life and career you want to lead, empowered with the confidence and resilience to reach your goals.

From private clients and small business owners to leaders within large corporations, our journey together starts by noticing a desire for change. 

Are you?..

I focus on bringing out the wholeness of you, whatever situation you’re currently in.

What to expect

My coaching style is compassionate, intuitive and honest. It’s a positive, forward-focused process, with each session driven by your needs. We work together to visualise, plan, create and take action. You are at the forefront of every session. You will be fully listened to without judgement.

Nature is an important part of our journey together. We’ll work with my unique nature model to inspire change and growth. From laying fertile ground and rooting your purpose, to unfurling your vision and flourishing in new light, we’ll create the conditions for natural transformation.

Wherever we can, I encourage at least some sessions to take place outside, as this is where people access a deeper level of awareness, openness and clarity. These can be ‘walk and talk’ sessions, sitting in a park or coaching combined with forest therapy. We can also meet in a cafe, office or online – wherever you feel most comfortable and able to focus.

To get the most from coaching, I offer a series of sessions over a period of weeks or months. By investing in yourself, we can explore what you want but have possibly never had the freedom or opportunity to embrace, or perhaps the courage and conviction to say out loud.

What’s most important is finding the right connection with your coach. If the right chemistry is present, you’ll experience a much deeper transformation.

"After taking my first walk with with Sam I felt 'lighter' and it was obvious to me that she was the best person to help me through what has possibly been the most difficult transformation in my life so far. During our sessions Sam was structured in her approach but compassionate and sympathetic to my needs. She would not only listen to what I was saying, she would also listen for what I wasn't saying or look for what my body language was telling her. Sam has provided me with the tools, ability and confidence to face any situation that life may throw at me, and 'I am now free to enjoy everything and anything' and for that I will be eternally grateful..."

What I offer

Executive Coaching

Having had a successful corporate career in a multi-national organisation, I understand the pressures of work and the complex dynamics which can prevent you from performing at your best. I also know how important it is to feel fulfilled, to look forward to starting the day, and to balance your professional and personal life.

It can be hard to do this alone.

Within a coaching partnership, you can afford to be curious, explore and even play with new ideas and concepts.

I’ve helped entrepreneurs to launch successful businesses, small business owners to re-find their purpose and leaders in large companies to clarify their vision and step into positions of greater influence. Wherever you are in your career, coaching can help you move forwards.  

How you feel at work is often influenced by your personal life, and vice versa, so we look at life and work as a whole, focusing on the aspects that will make the biggest difference to you.  

I offer 1:2:1 sessions for private clients and packages for corporate clients wishing to support employee development and wellbeing.

Private Clients

It can be hard it to invest in yourself, but coaching can be life changing if you partner with the right person.

I work with private clients in a number of different ways to get the most out of your investment. With new clients, I ask for a commitment of an initial four to six months of coaching, with sessions taking place on average every three to four weeks.

I have no more than 10 clients on my roster at any one time, ensuring I can offer my full focus to every partnership. On top of the sessions, and where welcomed, I offer additional support throughout the coaching relationship via messaging and email.

Corporate Clients

I work with business owners and HR/L&D leads to support the professional development and wellbeing of their employees and leadership teams.

When an employee feels heard and valued, your organisation benefits. Coaching can boost a sense of purpose and wellbeing, offering space for inspiration and innovation, leading to increased focus, productivity and motivation.

Following a meeting with key stakeholders to gain clarity on your organisation’s needs, we agree a plan to work with individual clients.

During the coaching sessions the individual client is always in the driving seat. We design and agree a plan together which might include:

In addition to coaching, I also offer Corporate Forest Therapy experiences, wellbeing talks, courses and workshops.

"I've worked with Sam Wright at Natural Edge Coaching through a number of significant life transitions. She has helped me gather a tool belt of deeper self awareness about myself which I now use in many different situations. And if I feel at a loss for insight then I book in for a booster of coaching. Her kind, caring and authentic nature helps me explore and clarify what I want to achieve and I get to navigate my path closer, in the timescale I want to. Currently, we are working on taking my business to the next level, what it is going to look like, what I am bringing and what might be holding me back. I am excited, and not fearful, of the changes that might come my way. I would highly recommend Sam for coaching through any life or business transition."

Group Coaching

I run group coaching programmes and workshops for private and corporate clients, bringing together a small group of people to focus on moving life or business forward and creating lasting, positive change.

The Time to Evolve programme usually runs in spring and autumn, when the season naturally supports our own intuitive harvest and sowing of new intentions. It offers space to safely reflect, take stock and effectively harvest the insights you have gained, to re-evaluate, plan and take positive action towards an optimistic future of your design.

This powerful and intimate group coaching experience blends professional transformational coaching and nature connection together, in a truly unique and holistic manner.


We explore different elements, from noticing ourselves, our language and our story, to awakening our core truth, tending to our needs and gathering our necessary resources. Your sense of purpose and direction will be heightened, with greater clarity, motivation and, importantly, momentum.

You will be part of a small intimate and supportive group: a safe, gentle space where you are unbound, free to be and to show up as you need. Your story will be heard, and you will gain insight from listening to others. You’ll leave feeling seen, elevated, and ready to evolve. Seeds of intention will have been planted, plans created and actioned with a commitment to your future, witnessed and celebrated.

What you gain

"Sam has a remarkable ability to make everyone feel safe, feel heard and feel understood. Despite her natural empathetic behaviour she has an uncanny ability to recognise your truths, even before you’ve recognised them yourself. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to move forward in any aspect of their life."

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