What difference does coaching make?

Together we can achieve deep and lasting transformative change. Whether it’s dealing with a challenging relationship; stepping up in your career; making an impact at work; finding your purpose, confidence or direction; or navigating an unexpected life change, we work together to build the life you want.

You may not know what change you want to make. Perhaps you’ve noticed and importantly felt, that something isn’t quite right. It really can be anything, but it tends to impact everything. 

More often than not, my clients reach out because they want to explore a whole range of thoughts and feelings to help them identify what’s most important to them. From private clients and small business owners to leaders within large corporations, our journey together starts with noticing a desire for change.

My coaching is transformative, not transactional. Clients gain awareness and clarity and leave empowered, confident and fully equipped with resilience tools. They become leaders of their lives by their design, to live a life of wholeness and authentic fulfilment.

So, if you are ready to fully invest in yourself, to put the work in and design and integrate your transformation, then let’s get started.

What to expect

My coaching style is compassionate, intuitive and honest. I focus on bringing out the wholeness of you, whatever situation you’re currently in.


Coaching is a positive, forward-focused process, with each session driven by your needs. We work together to visualise, plan, create and take action. You are at the forefront of every session. You will be fully listened to without judgement.


Nature is an important part of our journey together. We’ll work with my unique nature model to inspire change and growth. From laying fertile ground and rooting your purpose, to unfurling your vision and flourishing in new light, we’ll create the conditions for natural transformation.


Wherever we can, I encourage at least some sessions to take place outside, as this is where people access a deeper level of awareness, openness and clarity. These can be ‘walk and talk’ sessions, sitting in a park or coaching combined with forest therapy. We can also meet in a cafe, office or online – wherever you feel most comfortable and able to focus.


To get the most from coaching, it works best in blocks of sessions staggered over a period of weeks or months. By investing in yourself, we can explore what you want but have possibly never had the freedom or opportunity to embrace, or perhaps the courage and conviction to say it out loud.


What’s most important is finding the right connection with your coach. If the right chemistry is present, you’ll experience a much deeper transformation.

What I offer

I know how hard it can be to invest in yourself, but coaching can be life changing if you partner with the right person. It’s been a game changer for me and I continue to work with a coach to ensure I never stop growing and deepening my own self-awareness and understanding.

I work with private clients in a number of different ways to get the most out of their investment. With new clients, I ask for a commitment of an initial four to six months of coaching, with sessions taking place on average every three to four weeks.

I have no more than 10 clients on my roster at any one time, ensuring I can offer my full focus to every partnership. On top of the sessions, and where welcomed, I offer additional support throughout the coaching relationship via messaging and email.

If you instinctively want to connect then let’s talk.

Having had a successful corporate career in a multi-national organisation, I’m well placed to support clients that want to focus on any aspect of their professional life. I work with individuals who want to develop their career, strengthen their confidence, change direction or improve work-life balance. And I liaise with HR, L&D and other corporate teams to support the professional development and wellbeing of their employees.

When an employee feels heard and valued, your organisation is working at a higher vibration. This can lead to a boost in sense of purpose and wellbeing, offering space for inspiration and innovation, leading to increased focus, productivity and motivation.

Following a meeting with key stakeholders to gain clarity on your organisation’s needs, we agree a plan to work with individual clients.

During the coaching sessions the client is always in the driving seat. We design and agree a plan together which might include:

  • 1:2:1 review of personal wellbeing at work
  • Investigation of workplace stress triggers
  • Introduction of new tools for self-management
  • Advancement of self-awareness and personal resilience
  • Focus on workplace dynamics and relationships
  • Insights into physical and emotional work-life balance
  • Creation and implementation of sustainable wellbeing practices and tools

In addition to coaching, I also offer Corporate Forest Therapy experiences, wellbeing talks, courses and workshops.

Ready to raise the energy at work? Let’s talk.

Being a leader in any situation is often a lonely occupation, where you can miss a safe space to think through ideas and situations, ending up routinely applying the same approach over and over. Within a coaching partnership, you can afford to be curious, explore and even play with new ideas and concepts.

You can take on board new language and self-awareness, get aligned with your values and your unique leadership style, offering those within your organisation permission to do the same.

As humans we have incredible powers of intuition, yet we often ignore them. As a coach I get to witness clients remembering themselves, reconnecting to their core and then exploring how to bring this inner wisdom into the present.  People notice when you have a coach.  It’s a powerful transformational conversation.

Want to lead from within? Get in touch.

“Sam supported me to dissect experiences, understand new feelings and emotions as a leader, reflect on outcomes, or behaviour that surprised me and plan for the future through nurturing my team and focusing on the type of leader I wanted to be and how to prioritise this no matter what the daily grind throws at you!”

Hannah Sharma, Sales and Marketing Director, Twisted Pair Ltd

Ways to work with me

I deliver coaching sessions in a range of ways, in person and online. Although we work in any location, I specialise in taking people out in nature as much as possible.

As well as standard 1-2-1 coaching sessions, I also offer:

  • Forest therapy experiences for teams
  • VIP Coaching deep dive, immersive days
  • Seasonal retreats / courses & workshops
  • Podcast and radio interviews
  • Lunch and Learn sessions
  • Wellbeing talks

If you got this far you must be curious, let’s connect.


Tel:  07714410359


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