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I’m a coach and forest therapy guide – your partner through positive change. Inspired and guided by the wisdom of nature, I help you find deeper self-awareness, creating conditions for growth, empowerment and fulfilment in life and business.

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Come and join us in the wilds of the woods and experience a powerful pause with the leaves and the breeze. 

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Sam Wright

I’m Sam, an ICF accredited coach (ACC), certified forest therapy guide and mum to two gorgeous boys.

I help you to reconnect with yourself and your environment, partnering with you to become your own leader of a life of wholeness and fulfilment.

We work on the inside – outside, stepping out into nature wherever possible to deepen the impact of our partnership. The wild and infinite presence of nature awakens the senses and offers renewed perspective. It invites greater awareness, openness and clarity. And as you become empowered by your inner desire for change, I support you to navigate your own path towards creating the life you want to lead..


How I can help


Experience transformative coaching and unleash your full self. My style of coaching works with the whole individual – whether it’s life, work or leadership, you won’t regret trying.

Forest Therapy

Uncover the powerful therapeutic benefits of slowing down in nature, by taking a guided walk to open the senses, calm the mind and improve wellbeing.

Events & retreats

Join us on one of our fully immersive group events hosted throughout the year, often in tune with the seasons and in idyllic locations. Join our mailing list to keep informed.

“The destination might still be foggy but the next step is what matters most.”

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clients' journeys

What Clients say


Sally Neale


“I can’t recommend this highly enough! To have nearly three hours to completely switch off, get in touch with the natural world around us, and space to really breathe, felt like such a luxury and something which I’d put up there with any spa session in terms of relaxation, but at a fraction of the cost and so many  more benefits that you can take home with you.”

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Westley Robinson

CORPORATE coaching

“The results were visible almost instantly with a calmer atmosphere within workplace, we also had less disruption from illness or absences and our clients were getting a better experience. The change has been lasting and I have no doubt that this is a result of the positive impact that Sam has made, equipping the team leaders with the ‘toolbelt’ of skills to look after the wellbeing of themselves and other team members.”

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Hannah 2 B&W

Hannah Sharma


“Sam supported me to dissect experiences, understand new feelings and emotions as a leader, reflect on outcomes or behaviour that surprised me and plan for the future through nurturing my team and focusing on the type of leader I wanted to be and how to prioritise this no matter what the daily grind throws at you!”

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Nicola working

Nicola Dobrowolski

FOREST BATHING - Private and Group

“During my solo session, Sam invited me into the forest. This sounds simple, but the process was more complicated. Emotionally I had to leave the hang ups and negative chatter behind and open my mind to potentially experiencing something new, yet not forcing it. Sam had the key to slowing everything that was whirring round in my head, and I trusted her to guide me through this next stage.”

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