Relocate with the roots that ground you and a heart that is ready for adventure. Whether you are moving locally, nationally or internationally, a relocation often generates:

  • a period of high stress, general unease, overwhelm
  • anxiety and lack of control
  • a feeling of being lonely and lost
  • the unconscious and conscious creation of limits
  • a feeling that no one understands

Having moved frequently over the last decade I understand how challenging it is to up-root, yourself and your family. If we were creating a new garden, we  often need to move plants, many of which have been in the same position for years.

Before we do this, we check the new environment, to see if it is right for their needs. We check the soil conditions and how much light there is; we check the companion plants and the impact of the seasons. We take notice of the plant itself – is it flowering or dying back, when is the optimum time to move it? Just like moving our plants, we need to explore the same level of care for ourselves. Wherever you land, you want to feel grounded, to create new roots and shoots and to thrive in your new environment with new adventure.

I can help you:

Using the power of open true, non-judged conversation along with coaching tools, and intuition, we will look at where you are now and explore all the perceived limits and concerns. We can invest time in YOU and begin to visualise how you want to feel in your new environment and create a plan that will help you get there. As your coach I am your motivator, cheerleader, and challenger. During our conversations we will work on identifying and removing self-limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns. You will be empowered with the choice to feel secure and authentically YOU, reigniting your sense of adventure and confidence in your exciting future.

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