Perhaps it’s time to sow some alternative seeds…

As a keen gardener, I get quite excited by all the hype in my inbox around seeds to plant this spring. It seems I have unconsciously signed up to quite a few newsletters on the subject and with only a couple of small-raised beds to play with, I am not sure where I will be sewing all the packets I have ordered! 

The nation is currently gripped by their gardens, balconies and daily walks. And I wondered if, whilst we tend to our pots and plots, muddying our hands and connecting to the earth, whether we also might consider looking a little more closely at ‘seeds’ for our own personal growth. What could we plant in our own lives this spring to help us through the transition of the season and the turbulent environment we’re faced with.

Perhaps it’s time to sow some alternative seeds…


With Snowdrops lighting up the misty woodland floor, you might notice your spirits naturally lift a little when you see their delicate yet dogged nature. We can learn so much from these small flowers that push through from the darkness without faltering, despite heavy snowfall or the flood which may greet them. They are not naïve in their approach, quite the opposite; they are simply optimistic, and what have we got left if we lose every ounce of optimism? These two energies are powerful and are there to help us grow towards the light. Often hope is born within the darkness and the level of hope we seed will help take us forward, one step at a time towards better days to come.


With the promise of warmth returning and daylight ever lengthening, the Daffodils show us how to rise up with intention. They return year after year to sing of promise and grace us with waves of yellow, bobbing smiles. They know their purpose and the value that they bring; you can feel their intention radiating from them. By seeding some positive intention within our own lives, we gain opportunity to not only show up for ourselves but for those around us too. Like the daffodils, we can radiate out our purpose and value to the world and this can’t help but become a positive ripple of change.


Often the Peony is used to help us access compassion. Perhaps it’s the way we see the large green foliage emerge from the earth, carrying a huge burden of petals. Slowly these petals unfurl to reveal magnificent beauty, but the burden is often too much to carry and they fall heavy to the ground unless supported.  If we were to seed some more compassion within ourselves we might observe our supposed flaws and those of others, with a softer gaze.  Perhaps we’d notice distressing or painful situations sooner, feeling their relevance and holding a sense of concern which either compels us to recognise we need to ask for help or, indeed, enables us to offer help to others.


Perhaps it’s the dragon in her name which implies strength, grace and courage. Or as legend tells us, it is only the brave which can tend the dragon. The Snap Dragon is a welcome seed in any garden. They appear in many colours and heights, and seem bolder in groups. What would happen if we were to plant some more grace and courage, to be a little braver and allow our truth to be fully lived and experienced in every aspect of our lives? Might we surprise ourselves, survive a cold winter and come back even more resilient than before? Try combining this with a sprinkle of Protea King, a stand-alone legend, perhaps even before the dragon quests.  Dating back 300 million years, one of the oldest families of flowers on this earth, this plant represents transformation, courage and diversity. Let’s all take inspiration from these seeds!


Our gardens bloom with variety in shape, size, colour, texture, timing and meaning.

Systems natural or manmade work more effectively with sustainable balance, be it health, wellbeing, mind-body-spirit or organisational. Within the variety of seeds which we plant within our garden, we create a natural wildness, a space for creation, pioneering spirit and wellness to thrive. Here we may seed Chamomile, representing our health and wellbeing.  Chamomile being used by many for centuries to bring a sense of balance, restoration and calmness to our bodies and minds. Often found on wasteland and roadsides, seen as a smiling daisy… its magic often hidden in plain sight. How might you seed some more balance for your own health and wellbeing this spring?  What might be right in front of you, yet often overlooked?

In essence, the garden and the seeds we plant offer endless metaphors for life, and it’s not by any coincidence. Nature has it all figured out and is accessible for us each to notice and learn from. The best bits about any garden come in the diversity available, the companion-planting collaborations and the impact the whole makes, over and above the individual.

Now let’s take on these chilly, yet nourishing showers and see what shoots begin to show themselves soon.

Sow well

With Love,