I’m Sam, an ICF certified executive coach and trained forest therapy guide.

 I partner clients in transformational work through areas of their professional and personal life that they want to explore.

This unique coaching experience creates the environment for sustained reconnection to yourself. You’ll remember your why, (re)discover your purpose and gain the tools to consistently apply this powerful, energetic shift as a leader of your own life.

I attract those who are ready and willing to shine their brightest light. Executives who not only want to live life to the full but want to inspire the next generation of leaders. This is not easy work; there are no shortcuts. But clients consistently describe the life-changing nature of our work together.

We work on the inside – outside, stepping out into nature wherever possible to deepen the impact of our partnership. The wild and infinite presence of nature awakens the senses and offers renewed perspective. It invites greater awareness, openness, and clarity. And as my clients become empowered by their inner desire for change, I support them to navigate their own path towards creating the life they want to lead. 

My Story

I had a very successful and rewarding, yet highly stressful, scientific research and development career. During this time, I led diverse, global teams; navigated regulations, scientific boundaries and cultural differences; managed huge budgets and challenging team dynamics. I gave it my all: 24/7. The result? My mental health took a nosedive. I was burnt out at 35 and had experienced trauma and extreme loss with multiple miscarriages. Followed by numerous international relocations and raising a young family, I found myself lost in the noise of everyone else’s needs.

Fast forward to now. I have created a life that fulfils me, that feeds my purpose and passion and motivates me to continue developing. Since 2015, I have been an executive coach working with clients to transform their lives and their leadership. This not only impacts them directly but those they work and live with too. I love my job, I’m good at it, and I’m proud to say it.

Bringing nature into my work with clients is fundamental to my approach, whether it’s as inspiration for working through ideas and feelings, or by physically taking conversations outside in ‘walk and talk’ sessions. Nature welcomes us all as we show up, and I hold this value too. My own deep relationship with nature has been with me since childhood and through studying Zoology at university. As well as understanding the science behind its impact, my relationship with nature has saved me from the darkest of times, and it’s where I’m most in tune with myself.

In 2018 I became a certified forest therapy guide. This incredible, inclusive and accessible wellbeing practice has allowed me to continue to deepen my own connection with nature and open more opportunities for my clients.

I’m here to make a difference to you. Working together, you will believe more in yourself, create more, achieve more, lead authentically, and importantly, in a way that is unique and fulfilling to you.

I continue to push myself professionally and am working towards the next level of accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach PCC. It’s a big investment in growth and development, but as an entrepreneur, it gives me a focus to continue to step up in my career.

What does a life of purpose and fulfilment mean for you? Let’s figure that out together.

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