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Try the new craze of ‘forest bathing’ therapy in Hertfordshire

The benefits of getting out in the fresh air are well-known, but a new take on it, forest therapy, is growing in popularity as a way to unwind and improve health. We asked Herts-based forest therapy guide Sam Wright to explain... READ MORE

What Is Forest Therapy?

When Kate Middleton recently announced she was an advocate of the new wellness trend, forest therapy, we kicked into gear. And who better to get the low-down from than Sam Wright, forest guide and wellness expert to explain why we should be following in the princess’s royal footsteps and immersing ourselves in nature… READ MORE

Wellness Hour


5 wellbeing benefits of forest bathing

Forest bathing is the practice of immersing yourself in nature, by being quiet and still amongst trees. Here we explore the mental health benefits, as well as some surprising, self-reflective lessons… READ MORE

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