Together we explore what you truly want to do, want to be, want to feel, or want to change. By awakening and nurturing a greater sense of self-awareness, you’ll discover new perspectives and possibilities that ultimately lead you to greater choice, more purposeful alignment and fulfilment, in and out of work.

Creating a life by your design.

As an experienced PCC executive coach, I work with professionals who want to go beyond daydreaming about the ‘what ifs’ and wondering what might have been. In partnership with nature, we look at those aspects of your personal and professional life which we often try to avoid, with open hearted curiosity to find growth, balance and wholeness, focusing in on the areas which matter most to you.

You are invited to step outside into nature during our coaching partnership. Whether it’s within a rural or urban setting, immersing ourselves in a natural environment opens up the senses and widens perspective, enabling you to reach deeper insight and connection. We work within the environment which nurtures your growth, creating the conditions for your abundant and sustainable future.

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From small businesses owners to high-profile leaders, I support clients through transformation such as:

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On executive coaching…

“The results were visible almost instantly with a calmer atmosphere within workplace, we also had less disruption from illness or absences and our clients were getting a better experience. The change has been lasting and I have no doubt that this is a result of the positive impact that Sam has made, equipping the team leaders with the ‘toolbelt’ of skills to look after the wellbeing of themselves and other team members.”

Westley Robinson

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On forest bathing…

“I can’t recommend this highly enough! To have nearly three hours to completely switch off, get in touch with the natural world around us, and space to really breathe, felt like such a luxury and something which I’d put up there with any spa session in terms of relaxation, but at a fraction of the cost and so many more benefits that you can take home with you.”

Sally Neale

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