Connect with nature now

By taking a small break in what you are focusing on, otherwise termed a micro-pause and connecting in with nature for a few moments, you’ll be offering your mind and body the chance to de-stress, feel a sense of calm and restoration. You’ll enable more productivity, focus and clarity for the rest of your day. Take a natural pause and watch, read or listen to a few of these free resources.

Nature connection outdoors

Here you can find some ideas to build on your nature connection outside. If you’d like some more or want to join us on a forest therapy experience, then don’t forget to connect to our mailing list and check out what’s on below.

It’s not an exhaustive list but it’s a good start. Why not change up your reading list and bring more nature in that way?  Feel free to also download my free e-book jammed packed with ideas on how to bring more nature into your life, including some of the science to tell you why it matters.


A few extra coaching insights – also check the Blog for my thoughts and reflections. 

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