Hannah’s Story – Leadership Coaching

After many years in a very large corporation I was given an opportunity to join a fantastic business in the leadership team and drive it into the next chapter of growth. I jumped at the chance to pitch my ideas to the two founders and then found myself suffering with impostor syndrome and shrinking from my once confident, charismatic self to as position of disbelief and doubt. It was at this point in my journey I embarked on a coaching partnership with Sam. 

Over the first 6 months while I found my feet and tripped over the inevitable hurdles of a new job, Sam supported me to dissect experiences, understand new feelings and emotions as a leader, reflect on outcomes or behaviour that surprised me and plan for the future through nurturing my team and focusing on the type of leader I wanted to be and how to prioritise this no matter what the daily grind throws at you! 

I initially started this journey with the aim of building structure into my first year in the job and to give me personal milestones to achieve alongside my business KPIs however, this partnership continues to bring clarity to an evolving role and I see our sessions as freedom to explore the possible, strategise my next moves and reflect on the journey so far.