Sally’s Story – Group forest therapy experience

What were your main reasons for joining this walk?

I find it increasingly difficult to switch off and give my mind space to really think – I often compare it to a pinball machine, bouncing from one thing to another without really getting anywhere. This walk gave me a few hours to let go of everything, engage in the space around me in a way I never have before. 

At the end of the walk do you notice any differences to how you felt at the beginning?

At the start of the walk I felt tense, slightly apprehensive, and generally exhausted from daily life. Afterwards, I felt calm but with a heightened sense of purpose – plans I’d been trying to get my head around came to me more clearly when I sat down with a pen and paper that afternoon.

What was one highlight of this walk for you? 

It sounds cheesy but being at one with the forest. I’ve never been particularly outdoorsy, but my husband and kids love it. I have a new appreciation for it, and can enjoy it with them on a completely new level 🙂

What (if anything) was challenging or “edgy” for you? 

I wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional! I’m not very comfortable showing emotions or vulnerability but I felt very safe doing so in front of you and the wonderful women I was with, but it was a real surprise that it made me feel that way.

If you were to recommend this experience to others, what would you say?

I can’t recommend this highly enough! To have nearly three hours to completely switch off, get in touch with the natural world around us, and space to really breath, felt like such a luxury and something which I’d put up there with any spa session in terms of relaxation, but at a fraction of the cost and so many more benefits that you can take home with you.