How often do you get to complete something and realise that the completion is just the beginning of the journey?

This time last year I was bugging the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programmes on a weekly basis asking when they would have training in the UK.  I had submitted my application on the 4th Jan 2018, and I was eager… because I knew!

Without much research into the organisation, I just knew in my heart that I wanted to give this thing called Forest Therapy a go. I wanted to learn what it was all about. I wanted to know if it was the jigsaw piece I had been looking for.

A year on, I have my graduation gathering on 13th Jan 2019 to celebrate Cohort 24 becoming fully certified nature and forest therapy guides – and it still feels right. My heart led me here, the forest pulled me in, back home, and I am here to stay.

The course was a big commitment in money, time and energy, but I would do it again.  The mentorship, community and extended family are invaluable.  It’s a global family and I feel at any time, day or night, I could ask a question and someone would answer.  That is hugely reassuring!

The practice itself was beyond my expectation, and now having completed the course and gained the certificate, I am aware of how big a task is ahead. Bringing forest therapy to as many people as possible. Reconnecting people back to themselves and the land. Deepening nature connection, encouraging reciprocity, community, cultural repair and wellness.

Little steps…

For now, I focus on awareness, getting the language of forest therapy to anyone who will care to read or listen.  I was very proud recently to have an article published in Hertfordshire Life Magazine.

2019 lies ahead, there are many woods to explore and interesting conversations to be had.

If you fancy learning more, drop me a line or join us for one of the walks.

With Love